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Everybody offers products.

Almi is a partner
you can rely on.

High quality, regional products from experts, for experts.

We pride ourselves on long-term partnerships, stringent selection and production criteria and individual customer care worldwide. In this way, we are able to ensure that the quality of our products remains consistently high.

As an Austrian business, regionally sourced products are an absolute
priority for us. With top level raw materials and customer orientated
service, we provide consistently high quality.

Selection of suppliers and procurement of raw materials

Sustainability thanks to regional suppliers

Purchase of whole harvests

Reliable, long-term partnerships

Quality inspection of incoming goods

Inspection of raw materials by the in-house laboratory and internal quality criteria


Grinding parameters may be adjusted to the individual recipe

Aroma protection with cold grinding

Different grinding systems that adapt to every product and blend

Product is again checked in the laboratory

One retain sample per batch is taken, labelled and registered in the computer

The sample is then compared with the reference sample, depending on the requirements and particularities of the product

Almi fingerprint


Flavour preservation through vacuum packaging

Filling weight, size and material of the bags, label printing and sealing of the bag may be adjusted to the individual customer requirements


Selection of suppliers and purchase of raw materials

Sustainability thanks to regional suppliers and purchase of whole harvests

Reliable, long-standing partnerships

Incoming goods and acceptance

Sampling and test by the laboratory

Registration in the warehousing programme and labelling

Intermediate warehousing

Goods are on hold until released by the lab

Incoming goods inspection

Inspection of raw materials by the in-house laboratory and internal quality criteria

Warehousing (FIFO principle)

In controlled storage conditions that are specially adapted to the product (temperature, humidity etc.)


Check for contamination

Metal detection

Cleaning using sieve or air technology

Sorting according to shape, colour and content


Grinding parameters may be adjusted to the individual recipe

Aroma protection with cold grinding

Different grinding systems that adapt to every product and blend

Measuring according to the recipe to be followed

Individual recipes for each blend

Preparations and measuring according to batch size

All components are clearly traceable in our computer system based on bar codes


Blending parameters are automatically stored in the system

Raw materials are scanned in

Customer- and country-specific recipes are stored in a database


Flavour preservation through vacuum packaging

Filling weight, size and material of the bags, label printing and sealing of the bag may be adapted to individual customer requirements


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Our high quality standards are demonstrated in the field of analysis as well:
Pre-defined test schedules are tailored to the specific raw material.
Only when all defined criteria are met, products are released for production. In order to guarantee our high standards we are working together with external, accredited laboratories.

At first, analyses take place macroscopically, then sensorially, physically/chemically and finally microbiologically. Before distribution, every batch is once again controlled internally. Better safe than sorry.

Quality and innovation are the Almi top priorities. Our blends not only provide flavour, but also have functional tasks, hold several certifications and comply with the most stringent quality standards.

Our range of services leaves nothing to be desired and is based on country-specific tastes and preferences:

  • Conventional meat and sausage products
  • Organic products
  • Assorted fish
  • Dairy products
  • Baking products and confectionery
  • Convenience products with dips etc.

We are experts with many years‘ experience in the food sector, especially when it comes to exports. Fast, efficient delivery is thus a core element of our range of services. Our customers benefit from a perfectly synchronised supply and warehousing chain. Thanks to our worldwide network, we always have the required certificates and legal documentation ready.

Many suppliers pay lip service to top quality and customer care – but only those who succeed in providing constant, reliable solutions over many years will enjoy long-term success. As a specialist for seasoning blends, functionalities for convenience products, combinations, sauces and marinades as well as food supplements, we pride ourselves on long-term partnerships and full traceability of our raw materials and products, which means that we can guarantee a high quality standard at all times.

Certificates Read more

Numerous certificates prove our high level of competence and confirm that our customers can rely on proven quality management and perfectly coordinated processes.

Our certificates at a glance:

ISO 9001 2015
FSSC 22000
ISO 22000 2018
ISO 50001 2018
Feed materials

Check our progress at

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Everybody offers

Almi knows the
recipes of the future


Bringing individual, distinctive products to the market that is the task we have set ourselves as spice blend specialists.

Raw materials of the highest quality and a reliable service are complemented by innovative ideas and technologies, thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction. But technology is not the only area where our quest for innovation manifests itself individual customer care that reflects the customer market and its specific flavour preferences and trends is also one of our core competences.

We guarantee customised, innovative solutions through:

  • Uncompromising product quality
  • Absolute price stability
  • Technological support on the highest level
  • Reliable delivery capacities
  • On-time delivery as a top priority
  • Outstanding level of service
  • State-of-the-art product technologies

We bring distinctive spice blends to the market by
implementing innovative ideas and technologies.

Almi Academy Read more

On a total area of 1,300 square metres, the Almi Research and Technology Centre sets new standards for the food industry. This is where new recipes are being researched and developed and the latest developments tested for user friendliness and feasibility in the integrated butcher’s workshop. The seminars offered by the Almi Academy support our customers in the development of new products.

In addition to exclusive recipe development, we also offer a wide range of lab services, advice relating to food law and regulation, market analyses and the joint production of samples with technological experts.

STIP® Read more

With STIP, we have optimised the concept of packaging. This specially developed aroma packaging ensures a pleasant smell upon opening thanks to a protective gas that is integrated in the packaging, while preventing changes in scent profile of the product at the same time. This innovative packaging offers a number of important benefits:

  • STIP is not dependent on a particular industry and may be used for any sort of vacuum-packed product.
  • STIP protects the flavour and scent of the original product, ensuring full flavour and a fresh appearance right until the end of the shelf life.
  • STIP may be used for meat and sausage products and raw meat as well as for cheese, baking products or confectionery.

Packaging Read more

We do not leave anything to chance: Only with packaging that is specially adapted to our products can we guarantee our outstanding Almi quality. We therefore set great store by customised packaging that focuses on flavour protection. In addition, we are also aware of the importance of customer-orientated filling weights, which we determine jointly with our customers.

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Everybody offers products.

Almi knows your
customers' taste.

In-house production:

We handle every single production step in-house, thereby ensuring complete control every step of the way; for instance when it comes to products defined as allergenic.

Product standardisation:

Our customers are able to rely on the fact that recipes and blends will always correspond exactly to their requirements, even if raw materials, country-specific requests or legal stipulations change.

Flexible delivery volumes and times:

Our Competence Centre in Oftering ensures that we are able to react quickly to any changes in circumstances and our long-term employees share a wealth of in-depth expertise and experience.

From experts, for experts:

The many years‘ experience of our employees and their comprehensive knowledge of our industry ensure that all legal stipulations are complied with. Our outstanding level of competence is reflected in numerous certificates.

Take us by our word – if you opt for Almi, you can
be sure that we will keep our promises. Now and in future.

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